Misawa Air Base Japan

My favorite Air Force assignment was Misawa Air Base Japan, located on the northern end of the main island of Honshu. It was a good size Japanese city without the big city excitement and atmosphere of places like Tokyo. The Japanese people were very, very friendly. I didn't go to the typical G.I. hangouts. I got out in the city and went to places that Japanese people went to and took the time to learn enough of the language to get around. These are some of my pictures of flying to Japan, the base, the flightline, cherry blossoms, the workplace and the surrounding area.

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My pictures of Lake Towada HERE

My scans of a Lake Towada book with pictures HERE

Hirosake Castle in Hirosake had a huge park where the Japanese would gather generations of their families for picnics during cherry blossom time. We had a real fun time there. Unfortunately I only have one picture of the castle and none of the park. See the castle HERE.

I have been to the Phillipines three times and only have one picture to show for it. The lions head carved into a huge rock on the side of the mountain road that leads to Baguio. See it HERE.

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