The History Of My
Family In The Military

Upon putting some things together into web pages, I realized that my family and extended family has some rich military heritage stretching from the Civil War in 1862 to my retirement from the USAF in 1990. I go into as much detail as I have available in the individual pages, so I won't repeat it here. I will just list the person and a short description. Click the names to go to the individual's pages.

James S. Hummer
Let's start with the oldest one. My maternal Great Great Grandfather James S. Hummer joined the New Jersey volunteers at age 13. He spent 9 months at places in and around Washington attached to the Army of the Potomac. His unit's most noteable battle was at Chancellorsville. I have a picture of him in his Civil War uniform on his page.

Samuel J. Larson
Next is my paternal Grandfather Samuel J. Larson. During WWII he went into and across North Africa with General Patton and the 2nd Armored Division (just like in the movie 'Patton'). He was 38 years old by the time he landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Erick P. Erickson
Next is Erick P. Erickson, my Dad. He was sent to training at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and was honorably discharged for medical reasons. He never saw combat.

Wilbert G. Erickson
Next is Wilbert G. Erickson, my uncle. He was assigned to North Field, Guam during WWII.

John W. Bagley Jr
Next is John W. Bagley, Jr., my step-dad. He spent WWII aboard various U. S. Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean. One of his ships was involved in the Liberation of the Philippines and the Battle of Okinawa. He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star medals.

Roy M. Galbraith
Next is Roy M. Galbraith, Jackies deceased husband. Roy was a tunnel rat in Viet Nam. He lost a leg and spent the rest of his life a 100% disabled vet.

William P. Erickson
Last, and indeed least after all of these war heroes is me, William P. Erickson. I spent 20 years in the easy U. S. Air Force working in medical supply. The closest I ever came to action was by being in Korea during Operation Paul Bunyan. We were safe and sound while the Army was doing it's thing.

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