Assignment: Vietnam
This web page is dedicated to the memory of U. S. Army SP4 ROY M. GALBRAITH (3-2-51 to 7-4-98). He proudly went to Vietnam and served. Because of his small size, he was assigned to work with the South Koreans as a tunnel rat during the infamous secret operations into Cambodia. Returning with a badly wounded leg that eventually had to be amputated, he endured years of hassles from the VA only to die at an early age of cancer. On behalf of all the veterans who have ever served, I proudly say this to Billy and Chrissy: "Your father was a war hero that the whole country is proud of. Never forget it."

The Purple Heart Medal

Below are all the pictures from Roy's photo album that he brought back from Vietnam. The story behind all the pictures is known only to him, God and the others in the pictures. A special thank you to the unknown brother that scooped him up and put him in the dust-off bird.

Here are a few pictures of Roy after Vietnam later in life.

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