While going thru a box of old family photo's, I found an envelope addressed to my Grandparents from the Duluth News Tribune. Based on events that I know of, I estimate it to be from the very late 1920's to the very early 1930's. The original two cent stamp is on the envelope with a postmark, but no date. Inside is a beautiful sketch of the painting by H.S. Hewlett that inspired John Greenleaf Whittier (12-17-1807 to 9-7-1892) to write his most famous poem, Snowbound in 1866. The original painting is of his famous Amesbury, MA family home, which is still standing today. Along with the sketch in the envelope was a note from the Fay Hotel in Virginia, MN. Apparently it was some kind of promotional item given away by the hotel, distributed thru the Duluth News Tribune. I scanned everything and have it below. Click the little thumbnail pictures to see the big pictures.

This is the original painting that inspired the above sketch and a picture of the Amesbury House.
These are various pictures of John Greenleaf Whittier.

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