Mobile area CPAP users group

I would like to start a little CPAP users group in the Mobile/northern gulf coast area. If you are interested, contact me.

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here are links to a few forums that i watch and sometimes participate in. You do not have to join to read in these forums:

CPAP and Sleep Apnea community
This is the best forum with thousands of members and a huge number of them that actively participate. You can discuss taking control of your own machine. Supported by

Sleep Apnea Support Forum
This forum has a huge number of members with not so many participating. They are conservative with no discussions about taking control of your own machine allowed. Supported by the American Sleep Apnea Association.

Talk About Sleep
I don't know much about this one. It has alot of members and alot of discussions. Supported by

The Apnea Board
This forum is privately owned and managed. You can get all information you need to take control of your own machine including the hard to find clinician manuals for your machine. This is a loosely run forum where pretty much anything goes, so be careful about entering discussions. I personally don't appreciate the circus-like atmosphere at times and lack of management control over some members. This forum has serious management issues as there are no truly long term regulars , it's mostly folks that join to get their clinician manuals and never post. There's a reason folks don't stick around.

Binary Sleep
This is a forum for sleep medicine professionals. It's nice to read the behind the scenes information about sleep studies and clinics.

These are on-line cpap stores that we have personally used and approve of:





This is an on-line store that sells lightly used cpap machines at serious discounts:


This is an on-line store where we bought a recording pulse oximeter:

06. (for pulse oximeters)

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