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The picture as
original with the
broken cracks

The picture fully
restored and
cleaned up.

The picture fully
restored in it's
original case.

Original broken
picture with crack
marks showing.

Empty case
with writing

Original broken
in the frame.

The original restored files are much too big for web pages. These are low resolution copies.

I would like to thank Mark for the fine restoration work he did on the old glass picture. The above glass picture of James Hummer at age 13 in 1862 was dropped and broken into pieces several years ago. I sent it to Mark, a friend of 30 years, who painstakingly fit the pieces together, took a professional picture of it and then retouched the photograph. Of course the glass picture itself will never be quite the same, but thanks to Mark I have a picture of my Great Great Grandfather that our family can share. If you need any photo restoration work done, please contact Mark by clicking the Spectra Graphics logo. He has my highest personal recommendation.

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