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I'm A Grandma ! ! ! Go HERE to see Tommy
Well the hat is gone along with the truck,
but not the rural blood that flows in my veins.
I guess I am just a country girl at heart.

My husband, Bill, and I met on the internet in August 1999. Thank goodness for ICQ. If you don't have it, you should. Download it here. You just never know who you might find out there. We were recently married on August 6, 2003.Currently we are living in Mobile, Alabama. Before we moved to Mobile, we lived in a little town in West Central Florida, where we had 2 dogs. We lost one of them, my sweet little Tracy in June of 2000.

If you would like to see pictures of Roxy and Tracy, please go to Jackie's Pet Page

I suppose you should know a little bit about my two kids. I have a daughter that is 27 and a son that is 25 years old. They are both married and made wonderful choices in their spouses. Like all young people, they have their ups and downs, but even being young doesn't make us immune to that.

My daughter is presently training in a vet's office as a technician and boy does she have some tails to tell. Her husband is a welder in the shipyards in the Mobile Bay area. Roxy, my lab, currently lives with my daughter, her husband, their 5 other dogs, 4 cats, a cockateil she's had since she was 13 yrs old, many tropical fish and 1 really big, mean, fish that would rather have your fingers for dinner than fish food.

My son is presently working for a private individual. They also live close to us. My daughter-in-law stays at home taking care of Tommy, my first grandchild, keeping hearth and home ready for his return daily.

If you would like to see a picture of my son and daughter, then take a look at their picture.

Now I suppose you want to know something about me. There really isn't much to tell. I'm 50 years old and haven't had much time for my old hobbies of reading and doing needlepoint much lately. I was born in Michigan, but my family moved to south Florida when I was 4 yrs old, so I have lived almost my entire life somewhere in Florida. Currently I am working at an auto insurance company that writes auto insurance for 6 states. I recently found out that our company is much larger than I first realized being that there are other offices out there which writes for 24 others states and we are listed not only on the American Stock Exchange but also on the Canadian one. I have really enjoyed putting this together and hope that you have enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my family.

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