The base newspaper article says it all. If Bill Hunt hadn't been in the room, I wouldn't be here. In the USAF Medical Service, we all had to take the CPR classes every year. So I was confident that Bill knew what to do when my breathing stopped. He squeezed once, nothing. Now it's panic time. The second time he squeezed harder, picking me off the floor. That time it popped. The newspaper article is incorrect when it describes me lying down. We've all seen the commercials about refreshing things like gum. I want to tell you, refreshing is that first blast of fresh air down a blocked windpipe. So, make sure you and your loved ones take CPR classes. You just never know when one of you may need it. Click the thumbnail to see the big readable picture. This picture had to be scanned at a high resolution so it could be read. So, give it plenty of time to load.

I am still looking for Bill Hunt. So, if you know a Bill Hunt, originally from Michigan and a USAF veteran, please direct him to this page.

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