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These are my friend's sites. Please take the time to visit them.

Ted Saari I have known Ted for 40+ years. He is a year older. We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools and were boy scouts in the same troop. We have long since gone our separate ways but recently met at As it turns out, when I moved away to Barnum I then went to school with his future wife Susan. Here is Ted's business site.

Valpo Mall I have known Mark and Dianna over 30 years. We first met when Mark and I were roommates in Japan. If you need photography work done or you're looking for webhosting, please consider Valpo Mall. Go have a look, they've got a nice web site with alot to offer.

Watson World A fellow Grand Bay citizen that I met thru

Robert Delutri I never met Robert and have no idea what he is doing on his website. But, he's Joel's dad, which automatically qualifies him as a great dad and a good friend.

Toobin' Reggie works with Jackie and has a site all about his favorite sport, which is Toobin' down the river. See Toobin' for all your Toobin' needs.

Bowen I've only known Bowen since January 2003, but i've known his family about four years. He's a real cutie.

The Great Hollywood Hangover I never met Nancy Seaman. We were in Champaign, Illinois in the same time frame and may have seen each other in passing at The famous Red Lion Inn. She is an amazing lady with an even more amazing story that you don't want to miss.




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