Welcome to Concentration

Here is the format of the game.

This version of concentration is set up for two players. The object of the game is to earn the highest score. Points are earned by matching cards of the same rank. The general rules are as follows:

1) If two cards match in rank the current player recieves 10 x the rank of the card. Picture cards have the following rank: Ace =1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, and King = 13.

2) A Joker matches with any card that it is picked up with ( i.e. it is scored in the same way as a pair of cards).

3) If a player picks up two Jokers as a pair, they recieve 500 points.

4) If the cards do not match, they are placed face down in the positions that they came from, and the next player goes.

5) If a player matches two cards, they go again.

6) The player with the highest score after all card pairs have been taken wins.

Playing Concentration is simple. The current player flips cards by clicking on them. When two cards are face up, the player hits the Next Turn button to continue. If the cards match, they are removed and the player is instructed to go again; otherwise, the cards are flipped face down and the next player goes. When there are no matches left, the remaining cards are cleared,if there are any, and the winner is displayed on the message board.